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Open up your space for guests and earn money to increase your savings, earn money for your next trip or to meet interesting travelers.

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Download the free app and become a host. List your space and make it available to thousands of guests.


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You decide who can book your accommodation. Accept the request from travelers and welcome them home.


Receive guests

To ensure the hospitality and continuity of the community, both the guests and hosts leave a review to each other.

The experiences of our hosts

Our hosts are happy to offer a pleasant place to sleep for different travelers who do not necessarily want luxury, but enjoy a warm welcome and a comfortable bed. This not only provides economic support for the local population, but also creates pleasant encounters between guests and hosts. It will not be the first time that people have made friendships for life through Musjroom.

Picture of Damla

“I think it's a great app. I recently received an interesting guest, very nice!”


Picture of Robert

“Nice platform with friendly customer service. They are willing to help you with almost anything.”


Picture of Marjon

“As a host, I like the fact that I don't have to pay any service costs.”


Picture of Laura

“Very nice, because you also get to know new people with various stories.”


Picture of Corrie

“The great thing about Musjroom is that I help people and generate some extra money myself.”


Picture of Kevin

“By renting out on Musjroom I can go out for dinner more often, which I love.”


Starting as a host

How can I become a host?

Becoming a host on Musjroom takes no time. All you need is the free app which can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. You then need to create an account and enter some data to become a host.

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What are the requirements I have to meet if I want to become a host at Musjroom?

Almost anyone can become a host at Musjroom as long as you are 18 years or older and can provide identification. Do you have a place to sleep available for rent? Download the app, complete your profile and start advertising your space.

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How can I rent my house, apartment, room or sofa couch?

With your Musjroom-account you can also become a host. When you open the app you see a menu icon on the bottom right. Open that menu and you see the opportunity to swith to host – choose ‘switch’. Follow the steps to add a room, upload photos, set your price and start making money.

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Who can become a host at Musjroom?

Anyone who is 18 years or older can become a host at Musjroom. Whether you are someone with a spare room, or a student with a sofa bed, with Musjroom you can start monetizing right away. Do you have an enterprise? As long as you have a place to sleep to advertise you are welcome to register with Musjroom as well.

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What kinds of space can I rent out?

With Musjroom you can rent out different types of locations. As long as it is a place to sleep, so no event spaces or conference rooms, you are at the right place. Examples of accommodations can be private rooms, studios, apartments, a shared room, but also a gest bed, air mattress or sofa couch.

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Why should I become a host with Musjroom?

There are a few benefits that come with hosting with Musjroom. With the help of Musjroom you can advertise your empty rooms to potential guests. Musjroom doesn’t charge a service fee, so advertising your space is 100% free of charge. You will be paid weekly and you decide who gets to book your space. You are in charge over the availability of your space, your price and your house rules.

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What do I have to do to find guests?

All you have to do to start welcoming guests to your accommodation is to advertise your space with the Musjroom-app. You upload a few photos, add a description and enter the availability. Your advertisement is now visible for anyone who uses the Musjroom-app to find a place to stay. 100% free of charge.

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Can I use other platforms than Musjroom to rent out my space?

Yes, you can. We even recommend you to do so, this way you increase your chance to earn more and fill your accommodations. With the Musjroom-app you can even synchronize your availability with the calendar of your Airbnb advertisement.

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Can I list multiple rooms to my host-account at the same time?

You can advertise as many rooms as you want. It is free of charge and easily done with the Musjroom app. Per room you can see your availability and when you can expect your guests.

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How much can I earn as host with Musjroom?

As host you can earn up to €449 per week. Do you have a place to sleep available for guests? Advertise it with Musjroom, you decide your price and how many guests you want to receive. Register as host now and start monetizing your spare room, sofa couch or air mattress.

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Do I have to pay a service fee as host?

As host you don’t pay a service fee. You decide the price of your room and that is what you get. The guests pay a small commission to us, that’s all.

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How do I get good reviews?

Finding a place to stay is easy with Musjroom. You open the app, you chose the option “for tonight” or another date. The app immediately shows you all the suitable accommodations nearby. Make sure to allow the app to use your location. You can also look for a specific room in a specific city. After you’ve found your perfect place to stay you send your request to the host.

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A good photo says thousands of words

Free Photography

Make an impression on your guests with high-quality professional photo’s of your listing. Become a host and request free photography for your accommodation. We are happy to visit you.

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You can Earn around €349 a week!

Sometimes you just have to do it. Become a host today!

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