Make your space stand out with professional photography

Receive up to 40% more requests with professional photos of your accommodation. We do the work for you for FREE!

Why professional photography?


Higher income

hosts with professional photos of their listings generally earn more money than other hosts.


More reservations

Photos play an important role for guests when booking an accommodation.


Higher price per night

Many hosts can increase their nightly rate after upgrading their photos.

Request free photography

First impressions are important

Have a local photographer capture your space in the best light. Our experts can help you transform your listing and get noticed by guests.


How it works


Request a photo shoot

We link you to a professional photographer and you can immediately plan a visit with him or her. Make sure your space is clean and tidy for this appointment.


Photographer comes by

We spend about an hour photographing your home. You will receive the new photos within a week. You get three to four photos per room.


A fresh new look

After you have received the new professional photos from us, you can of course easily change the current photos of your accommodation via the app.

Let's start

Call, email or request a free photographer via the form

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Frequently asked questions

You get 4 to 5 professional photos per accommodation. Each photo is shot by an expert photographer who specializes in making your room stand out to guests.Read more

Your main task is to be present at the location to let the photographer in. It is also useful to clean and / or clean the room beforehand.Read more

The photo shoot takes as long as it takes to take enough good photos. It helps if the room has been properly cleaned and tidied beforehand. An average photo shoot doesn't take long. We will continue to take photos until we are both satisfied with the result.Read more

Musjroom does NOT charge any costs for this initiative. It is completely free!Read more

You will receive the photos taken by our professional photographer digitally. These photos are royalty free, which means you can do whatever you want with them. (We do ask if you want to tag Musjroom in your message if you use the photos on social media.)Read more

You get the ownership rights to the photos. So you can use them however you want.Read more

If you are not yet a host at Musjroom, first register as a host via the website or app. After your registration is complete, we schedule a photo shoot to take photos of your space.Read more

4 tips to get started: take the most beautiful photos of your accommodation yourself. Would you rather get started to take pictures of your space? We have listed a number of tips for you: 1: Use a good camera. A good camera will help you take pictures that are clear and sharp enough to use. Do you have a good camera on your phone? Then that is of course also fine. If not, check with yourself if you can borrow someone's mobile or camera for a day. 2: Use available light. Dark photos don't look all that inviting. The most beautiful photos are taken late in the morning, in the afternoon or at the beginning of the evening. 3: Your room at its best. Clean the room and do a cleaning. Also pay attention to the details: are the blankets neat? Is the mirror clean? If necessary, have your photos checked by a friend. A bunch of flowers or a nice set of candles can help give the room a bit of atmosphere. 4: Show the view. Open your curtains and let the sun rays in.Read more