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Re-imagining travel

Hello we are Musjroom and we are in love with spontaneous travel. To express our love we are launching our service that encourages people to plan less and live a more fulfilled life. We do this by giving the travelers the opportunity to easily book a last-minute accommodation through our app.

Current situation

Current status: finishing touch


Current status: finishing touch

Trial and error

Create product &

Finishing touch

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What you really want to know

Great story, what are you guys up to?

Exploring unique experiences by traveling spontaneously. We are making this accessible through our mobile platform where you can book a lastminute stay. Affordable, hassle free and arranged within minutes.

I would like to write something about you

We love sharing our story in order to inspire, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sounds great, can we collaborate?

We are flattered and always open to a new partnership.  We are collaborating with hospitality services like hostels, motels, bed & breakfasts and private property owners. Send us an email to and who knows, we can help each other!.

A life less planned is a life more fulfilled.