Together we make it 


Working together on something for the longterm.
Work that moves, inspires and develops you.

Working at Musjroom 


Didn’t Alan Kay say that the best way to predict the future is to invent it?


Design is not just how our service looks and feels, but also how it works. We get excited about new ideas and graphical and UI/UX design. How about you?

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How cool is it to build something great from the beginning? Work with young minds within the team and learn like no other. Do you have experience with C#, .NET, Xamarin, Xamarin Forms or web dev? If not, how fast can you learn?

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Internships are fun and instructive if you are not just a number or pawn in a bureaucratic company. If you have interesting ideas, proactive hustle-work attitude and perseverance, let us know.

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